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Professional Stone Cleaning in Manhattan Beach: Hard Choices to Make

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If your marble, travertine, or granite counter is looking less than stellar, you might want to call a professional stone cleaning service in Manhattan Beach. Why You Want a Professional Stone Care Service Natural stone is a beautiful addition to any home.  Whether you have a marble shower, a granite countertop, or a travertine floor, […]

Natural Stone Care – Why You Should Hire A Stone Restoration Service in Manhattan Beach Conclusion)

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A professional stone restoration service has a lot of know-how to bring to your cleaning project. Commercial Stone Restoration in Manhattan Beach As we covered previously, there are special skills that professional cleaners use to assess damage. They also may use various tools just to be sure about their assessment. Considering that you do not always clean […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About Marble Shower Restoration But Were Afraid to Ask

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There is a difference between marble shower cleaning in Manhattan Beach and marble shower restoration. Marble Shower Cleaning Marble shower cleaning requires specialized care. What trips a lot of people up is that they consider marble, like all natural stone to be solid. Most stone, however, is extremely porous. Marble is no excpetion, and without […]

Commercial Stone Restoration in the South Bay (Contd.)

Stone Restoration in Montebello CA | (310) 545-8750

There is a difference between stone cleaning and professional stone cleaning. Professional Stone Cleaning and Restoration As we covered previously, stone cleaning doesn’t just extend the life of your stone accents, it also increases your property’s market value and make sure it looks best. Other than that, here are some of the main reasons why stone […]