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Stone Restoration

natural stone entry restoredMaybe it is time to get stone restoration.  Is the polish level of your granite counter top looking dull and scratched? How about your marble floor? At Morris Cleaning & Restoration,  we have over thirty years of experience and we know you want to not only improve the shine and finish of your stone; you want to protect your investment too.

Stone Restoration in Manhattan Beach

Natural stone of any sort is not cheap.  That’s why our stone restoration service works with you and your schedule to make sure that the stone in your home or business is both protected and restored to your satisfaction. We can work an pretty much any type of stone including calcium-based stones such as marble, limestone, and travertine, or composite stones such as granite, and terrazzo.  We can provide you with stone cleaning, stone honing and polishing, as well as stone sealing, and we can even restore your stone.

Natural Stone Care in the Los Angeles Area

Morris Cleaning & Restoration proudly serves the greater Los Angeles area and does work in Orange County as well.  We only use the finest commercial stone restoration products to bring your stone back to being better looking than before.

Natural stone is one of the most luxurious things that turn your home into a showpiece, but only if it is looking its best.  As your experts in commercial stone restoration, we can not only make it look better than it has in years, we can help to protect it.  In addition we can give you some important stone care tips to keep it looking good between visits.  We want you to not only be happy with the service that we provide, but recommend us to your friends and family.

Remember, when it is time to pick a service for stone care, you have a choice.  So why not pick a service with over thirty years in the stone restoration business?  Morris Cleaning & Restoration-Your source for professional commercial stone restoration in Los Angeles.

Bathroom Stone Care

Bathroom stone care is different than taking care of stone in other areas of the home.  As far as your stone is concerned, your bathroom can be an extreme environment.

Bathroom Stone Care in Los Angeles | (310) 545-8750

Bathroom Stone Care in Los Angeles | (310) 545-8750

Natural Stone Care in the Bathroom

A lot of stone that is used in the bathroom is calcium-based such as travertine, marble, and limestone.  While all of these stones are beautiful, without special care, they can be damaged or stained.  Bathroom stone care in Los Angeles is all the more important as a result of this.  What causes bathroom tile to get stained?  Sometimes it can be as simple as a dripping shower.  Like most major metropolitan areas, the greater Los Angeles area has a problem with hard water. Water hardness is caused by dissolved minerals, specifically magnesium and calcium. Hard water causes  deposits to form.  Not much, a few drops here and there from the shower head, or a dripping faucet.  However to stone such as travertine, limestone, and marble, it means that deposits start to form.

It makes a lot of sense.  Limestone and travertine both form from mineral deposits, so if more minerals fall on top of them, they accumulate.  As a result of hard water deposits, soap scum can build up as well on bathtubs, shower tiles, and basins  Soap scum can carry bacteria which can be chemically reactive with calcium-based stone.  However, even stone that is composite, such as granite can have an adverse reaction to hard water.   That’s why stone in the bathroom should have professional stone cleaning done to begin with.

Why Get Professional Stone Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA?

What’s the difference between professional stone cleaning and doing it yourself?  In a word, experience.  We know what to use, and more importantly what not to use on your stone to make it look its best. We take our time and use our three decades of experience to clean your stone.  After cleaning, we also seal your stone, which not only helps to protect it from any further damage, but it helps it to avoid getting stained as well.

So remember, caring for the stone in your bathroom is a bit different.  Why not go with someone who can truly make a difference in the way your stone looks?  Call your professional stone restoration service in L.A. 

Commercial Stone Restoration

Commercial stone restoration should always be done by a professional service, particularly one that is experienced.

Morris Cleaning and Restoration has been providing commercial stone restoration for over 30 years.  We service both Los Angeles County and Orange Country. And sometimes, restoration is the only answer.stock1

A common misconception is that if a stone like marble is cleaned properly, it can be brought back to its former shine level, however, the problem with that is two fold.  First off, a great many of the store-bought products that are supposed to be safe for marble contain chemicals that may not be good for marble such as bleach or other harsh chemicals.  Another problem that such products have is that the ones that are relatively safe achieve their polish level by using wax, which in time can build up and cause your shine to dull even further. The only way to really get that shine level back is not through products, it is through professional stone restoration.

Marble cleaners only clean the surface, however with commercial stone restoration the shine goes deeper.  This process is done in stages.  First off the stone is ground, or honed which takes out the scratches and pits.  After that, using abrasives that are targeted to the shine level you want, the stone is polished at the surface level.  This includes areas such as a marble shower,  a counter top or other area.

At Morris Cleaning and Restoration we know that your marble whether at your home or your business is more than just a luxurious and beautiful stone, it is also an investment.  To replace stone is expensive.  Your best bet is to not replace it it is to restore it.

As your professional stone restoration company, we take pride in our work as well as take time to make sure the job is not only done right, it is done to your specifications.

So remember, where stone restoration is concerned, you have a choice.  Choose the company with over 30 years of experience-Morris Cleaning and Restoration

Morris Cleaning and Restoration is your expert stone restoration service.

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