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Marble is one of those things that make people envious. It conveys a touch of elegance to anyone’s home or office whether it be a marble floor in someone’s living room or a marble shower in someone’s luxury condo.

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How to Clean a Marble Shower: Call a Stone Care Service

You can install marble tile in a shower, however, be aware that marble needs a lot of specialized care.  One thing to note is how to clean a marble shower.

Your best bet is to call a stone care service.  Marble is highly reactive to anything acidic.  In addition, a lot of harsh chemicals should also be avoided as well.  Chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, and alkaline chemicals can cause a big problem with your stone.

Marble Shower Cleaning the Professional Way

The truly sobering thing about some store bought cleaning products is some of them contain the exact sort of chemicals that you should avoid.  Another problem is a great many of these store bought solutions, some of which are even specifically designed for cleaning marble showers have an extra ingredient for getting that polish level:  wax.  Wax can indeed give marble a nice polish, but it also leaves behind some residue.  Over time, this residue can not only become a slip hazard, it can also leave your marble shower looking less than elegant.

So remember, if you have a marble shower, take care of it.  Make sure you wipe down your shower when you’re done with it to keep hard water deposits from getting left behind on your stone.  And call a professional service to clean your marble shower.

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