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Travertine is another form of calcium-based stone.  And it is a stone with a lot of history behind it.

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Travertine Care the Easy Way

Travertine was used in ancient buildings and is used today in modern ones.  In most homes, travertine is used inside from countertops to showers and flooring as well. Why is travertine so popular?

Travertine has a pitted and mottled surface that lends itself to almost any decor.  While travertine is a lovely pale color, what makes it the most desirable is its texture. And you have to know how to take care of travertine, because, like marble, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can damage your stone.

For example, did you know that most travertine is not 100% stone?
Travertine forms near mineral springs, so it has natural gaps and holes. Why don’t the holes show in travertine tiles for example?

Because when travertine is sliced, it is filled with epoxy, and then it’s honed which makes for a uniform surface. This fact alone makes it imperative that you call a professional travertine cleaning service to clean your stone.

Why You Need Professional Travertine Cleaning and Care

There is a very real risk that you can damage your stone unless you call a professional in to do your travertine cleaning for you.  In a way, travertine has a double risk.  Like marble, travertine reacts chemically to anything acidic

In addition, travertine can be damaged by anything harsh as well, as harsh chemicals such as ammonia can dissolve the epoxy resin that’s used to fill the gaps in the stone, which will almost certainly cause your stone to crumble and crack.

However, when you call Morris Cleaning & Restoration, we not only know what not to use on your stone, but the proper methods of cleaning it. We have both the training and the experience whether you have a travertine shower and countertops in your bathroom, or whether you have your living room floor tiled with travertine instead.

So remember, you don’t want to replace your stone.  That is a lot of expense as well as a lot of hassle.  Instead, take the next best step, restore your travertine today.

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