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Stone countertop restoration brings your stone back to it’s original polish and luster. When you’re picking a service to do this, it is important to realize that not all stone is the same, nor should it be treated the same.

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Restore Your Stone Counter the Right Way

If you have any sort of stone countertop, it is crucial that you know what type of stone you have to work with.  Once you have that down, you can then figure out the best strategy to restore your stone countertop.  For example, granite requires a different sort of care than something calcium based such as marble, limestone, or travertine.

What causes stone’s appearance to start to slip?  Everyday use as well as wear and tear. All it takes is a slip-up at the wrong time and place.  For example, granite is a lovely stone, however, if someone puts a hot pot down on top of the granite and leaves it on there, it can easily leave an ugly burn mark.  The same holds true in the bathroom.  Something as simple as a marble vanity and a curling iron can cause a very obvious burn mark.

When you’re looking at stone countertop restoration, rather than doing it yourself, you may wish to call in a professional service to help you.  Why?  Well, what you don’t know can cause even more damage to your stone.

Stone Countertops:  Reversing Damage Before and After It’s Happened

First off, the reason why a do it yourself solution may not be the best for trying to restore a stone countertop is that some forms of natural stone are extremely susceptible to harsh chemicals.  Look at marble, limestone, or travertine.

Without some sort of protection such as stone sealing, even something as simple someone eating a salad on a marble, limestone, or travertine counter could be a disaster waiting to happen.   It’s not because of the salad, it’s what is in most salad dressing: vinegar.  Even though they are beautiful types of stone, all calcium based stone can react chemically when anything acidic such as red wine, vinegar, coffee, or orange juice come in contact with the surface.  Even a composite surface such as terrazzo or granite can be severely stained.  All stone is porous, and therefore, easily stained without taking steps to stop it.  That’s where we come in.

Morris Cleaning and Restoration is your professional restoration service.  We have over three decades of experience in polishing, cleaning, and stone countertop restoration.

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