Professional Stone Cleaning in Manhattan Beach: Hard Choices to Make

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If your marble, travertine, or granite counter is looking less than stellar, you might want to call a professional stone cleaning service in Manhattan Beach.

Stone Restoration in the South Bay of Los Angeles | (310) 545-8750
Stone Restoration in the South Bay of Los Angeles | (310) 545-8750

Why You Want a Professional Stone Care Service

Natural stone is a beautiful addition to any home.  Whether you have a marble shower, a granite countertop, or a travertine floor, anywhere that you have natural stone, you are adding a durable and classy touch to any room.  However, with that said, do not try to take care of your stone yourself unless you are 100% sure that you know what you’re doing.  Why?  Because what you don’t know can damage your stone as well as your pocketbook when it is time to replace it.

For example, most people don’t know that natural stone is extremely susceptible to stains and damage if you spill certain things on it.  If you spilled red wine on marble for example, you can erode your stone to the point that it looks like it is dissolving.  Marble is fossilized limestone, and like limestone, it is chemically reactive to anything acidic including orange juice, red wine as we noted above, or coffee.  However, it’s not just food and drink you might have to worry about.  Certain household chemicals are even worse for calcium based stone such as marble or limestone.  Bleach, by way of example, is an acid.  Ammonia, which is also heavily used in cleaning solutions is a solvent.  Neither of which is good for your stone.  Even if you do not damage your stone by using this, you run an additional risk of staining or discoloring your stone.  So what is the solution?

Stone Sealing: One Service of a Professional Stone Restoration Service

A professional stone restoration service has several tricks up their sleeve.  One of them is stone sealing.  Stone sealing uses a high-tech resin to seal your stone so that all of the pores of the stone are filled, which creates an impenetrable barrier between liquids and your stone.  This alone can help you to repel stains, but there are also a great many stone cleaning tips that a professional stone cleaner can recommend.

For example, did you know that simply putting a throw rug at the entry points of any room with a natural stone surface can help to trap sand, dirt, and grit that can scratch the surface of your stone.

That’s the professional difference.  A stone cleaning service in Manhattan Beach will not only help you clean your stone, but keep it up as well.

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