Stone Cleaning in Los Angeles: What to Do, What to Avoid, and Who to Call

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Stone cleaning in Los Angeles is based on knowing what to do, knowing what to avoid, and most importantly of all, who to call to get it done.

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Call Today for Tile Cleaning in the South Bay of Los Angeles | (310) 545-8750

Los Angeles Stone Cleaning Services

First off, unless you are 100% sure of what you’re doing, never try to clean stone tile yourself.  Some stone is fairly durable, however, other stone is surprisingly easy to damage.  Most stones that are calcium based fit into this second category.  Calcium based stones are limestone, marble, and travertine.  If you spill anything acidic on these stones, you can start to crumble the stone.  And we’re not just talking about actual acid.  Things that you find normally around the house are dangers to your stone.  Coffee, wine, vinegar, bleach, and orange juice are just some of the many things that damage calcium-based stone.

Simple, go out and buy a household cleaner to clean your stone, right?   Oops. It has a trace amount of bleach as part of the ingredients.  Or on the flip side, it contains no bleach,  and it offers to polish your marble to the shine of a mirror.  How it does it is that it is made of wax and oil.  For a while, you’ll get the polish that it claims on the label, but as the wax and oil accumulate, it will also accumulate dirt and grime.  Your polish will fade, and you’ll be left with a dull floor.

Hiring a Stone Cleaning Service Makes Sense Economically

You have to look at your money as an investment.  How you invest your money determines the success or failure of any project.  Hiring a stone cleaning service in Los Angeles makes sense economically.
For one thing, you get more for your money.

In addition to safe and effective stone cleaning, they can also help with stone restoration.  They can give you tips to help keep up the shine on your stone between visits.  And of equal importance, they can apply impregnating stone sealer to help protect your floor. Even though it appears solid, stone is actually quite porous.  It’s a good idea to apply something to it that will stop it from eroding or crumbling.  Why does this matter?  Well, depending on your floor, replacing your stone can be anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars.  Wouldn’t you rather take care of your stone floor so that it can last for years or even decades?

The right service can help.   The best service to get is one that does commercial stone restoration in Los Angeles.

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