Stone Cleaning in Los Angeles: What to Do, What to Avoid, and Who to Call (contd.)

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Professional stone cleaning and restoration is all about knowledge.

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Professional Stone Restoration and Cleaning in Manhattan Beach| 310-545-8750

Commercial Stone Restoration in Los Angeles

As we covered previously, never try to clean stone tile yourself.  Some stone is fairly durable, however, other stone is surprisingly easy to damage.  Most stones that are calcium based fit into this second category.  Calcium based stones are limestone, marble, and travertine.  If you spill anything acidic on these stones, you can start to crumble the stone.  And we’re not just talking about actual acid.  Things that you find normally around the house are dangers to your stone.  Coffee, wine, vinegar, bleach, and orange juice are just some of the many things that damage calcium-based stone.

A professional stone cleaning service in Los Angeles will know things like this, from an article on Wikipedia on Limestone:

“Some limestones do not consist of grains at all, and are formed completely by the chemical precipitation of calcite or aragonite, i.e. travertine. Secondary calcite may be deposited by supersaturated meteoric waters (groundwater that Calcite can be dissolved or precipitated by groundwater, depending on several factors, including the water temperature, pH, and dissolved ion concentrations. Calcite exhibits an unusual characteristic called retrograde solubility, in which it becomes less soluble in water as the temperature increases. Impurities (such as clay, sand, organic remains, iron oxide, and other materials) will cause limestones to exhibit different colors, especially with weathered surfaces. Limestone may be crystalline, clastic, granular, or massive, depending on the method of formation. Crystals of calcite, quartz, dolomite or barite may line small cavities in the rock. When conditions are right for precipitation, calcite forms mineral coatings that cement the existing rock grains together, or it can fill fractures.” [READ SOURCE]

Limestone is a very sensitive stone.  Even water can potentially dissolve it.  One thing to thing about is getting stone sealing done.

Why You Should Get Stone Sealing

Stone sealing helps to protect stone from stains and damage.  The stone’s pores are filled with a transparent sealer.  It gives the stone a nice sheen and makes it liquid proof.  Stone sealing is only one of the many services that a stone restoration service will offer.  They offer stone polishing as well.

Each type of stone requires a different level of care.   Your professional stone cleaning service will know what to do and what not to do.


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