Professional Tile Cleaning in Greater Los Angeles: Know Your Tile

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As your professional tile cleaning service in Los Angeles, we feel it is our duty to clear up a bunch of misunderstandings regarding your tile and your grout.

Get Professional Tile Cleaning Manhattan Beach | (310) 545-8750
Get Professional Tile Cleaning Manhattan Beach | (310) 545-8750

Tile Cleaning and Your Floors and Counters

Tiling is a popular way to decorate your home.  For centuries tile adds elegance and functionality at the same time.  Tile cleaning depends on a lot of things, such as the size of the tiles.  Have you ever wondered why a lot of gyms use tiles that are only about an inch across in their locker rooms and shower areas?  Well, not only  is it easy to clean these tiles, it also reduces the chance that someone can slip on the area and injure themselves.  The smaller the tile, the less the chances there are to slip.  Does that mean you should only use small tiles in your home?  Not necessarily.  Sometimes, your decor won’t go well with smaller tile sizes.  So you want to use the tile that works best for the area in question.  For example, if you have a bathroom, you probably want ceramic and not something like travertine.

After all, natural stone care is tough enough, but what about tile cleaning in the greater Los Angeles area?  First off, it may surprise you that a lot of the care you give to stone can be adapted to tile.  For example, on no tile or stone surfaces should you use harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach.  Why?  Well, look at something like fine porcelain tile.  Too much bleach or ammonia and you can strip the glaze right off the tile, and even damage your grout as well.

What About Grout Cleaning

Ah yes, grout.  The often overlooked stuff between the tiles.  What a lot of people don’t know however, is that a tiny portion of the grout is underneath the tile, and it serves as a cushion for the tile.  This is important as it strengthens the tile.  However, since grout is very porous, it can absorb stains and instead of being a nice, clean crisp white, it can be dingy and gray.  That’s why you want a professional grout cleaning service to come in and do both your tile as your grout.

A professional service may even recommend that you do grout sealing as well as grout cleaning.  It makes sense, if you think about it.  Stone sealing helps to protect the stone’s pores from absorbing liquids, so the same would hold true for grout sealing.  After all, a lot of grout is made up of sand, and who ever heard of non-absorbent sand?

So remember, know your tile, and know what it needs.  Call a tile cleaning service in the greater Los Angeles area.

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