Natural Stone Restoration: Bring Back the Beauty of Your Stone (Contd.)

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Natural stone care is a lot more than what to use on your stone and what not to use on your stone.  There is also the issue of what you do when your stone is clean.

Professional Stone Restoration and Cleaning in Manhattan Beach | 310-545-8750
Professional Stone Restoration and Cleaning in Manhattan Beach | 310-545-8750

Stone Cleaning:  Know What Works for Your Stone

Each stone type is different and requires different levels of care.  Marble can be ground down a bit and polished, for travertine, however, it’s not that great of an idea.  As we said earlier, a lot of store bought products can actually damage your stone.

Stone cleaning does have some universal things that you can do. For example, you never want to wet mop. If you’re using tap water, there is a good chance is has trace amounts of chlorine in it, and as such, it can damage your stone. Damp mopping is okay, as is using a soft cloth dust mop. Never use any sort of wax based stone cleaning product as wax can build up and leave ugly residue behind that will dull the finish of your stone.  You also want to make sure you ask your stone care service for tips to keep up the shine and polish between visits.  One thing that can help is jute rugs at each of the entry points to help trap fine grit that can abrade your stone.  Taking off your shoes is also a good idea, particularly shoes or boots that have any sort of spike or shank in them such as high heels or steel-toe boots.  But what about specific types of stone?  What other universally accepted things can you do to safely clean your stone?

For one thing, make sure that you consult with a natural stone care professional for tips that you can follow to clean your stone between visits.  One thing that he will most likely recommend is that you get stone sealing.

Why Should You Do Stone Sealing?

Why should you do stone sealing?  All forms of natural stone are very porous.  And these pores are vulnerable spots within the stone.  All if takes is a bit of damage inside some of the pores, and the next thing you know, your stone is damaged, and you’ll have to go for stone restoration instead of merely cleaning your stone.  However, when your stone is protected with an impregnating stone sealer, the pores are filled with a quickly drying resin that hardens and protects your stone.  Stone sealer makes your stone liquid proof, which helps to protect it from damage.

So remember, you want to go with a professional. Only a pro will give you practical cleaning tips for your stone, as well as natural stone care tips to keep your stone looking it’s best.

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