Stone Cleaning in the South Bay: A Chronicle

As a commercial stone restoration service in the South Bay, we have a lot of stories to show about what people do to their stone.

Professional Results WIth Your Stone Care Experts in the South Bay | 310-545-8750
Professional Results WIth Your Stone Care Experts in the South Bay | 310-545-8750

Stone Cleaning: Do it the Right Way

For example, we had one of our customers call us in a panic.  Her toddler had spilled her sippy cup filled with orange juice on a marble floor.  A lot of other people would have laughed, but we didn’t.  We told the customer to wipe it up immediately, and we came down to check out the spill.  She was lucky, the spot had stone sealing done. But what if it hadn’t?  Well, something as simple as orange juice can eat away at marble, limestone, or any other type of calcium-based stone.  But it isn’t just what you spill, it is how you clean your marble floor that matters as well.

If you use any harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia, you can damage your stone, and literally dissolve it.  That’s why you need to know the right way to clean your stone.  The best way is to hire a commercial stone restoration service.  But here is a list of do’s and don’ts to help you.


  • Sweep with a straw broom.
  • Put rugs or mats at the entrances of every room that has marble flooring.
  • Clean those rugs and mats periodically.
  • Damp mop.
  • Get stone sealing done


  • Use vinegar or anything acidic on your marble floor.
  • That includes bleach, ammonia, or any harsh or acidic compound.
  • Wet mop ever.
  • Leave spills to settle into your stone.

The Importance of Good Natural Stone Care

Good stone is expensive. You could easily spend thousands on your floor. It is far cheaper to take care of your natural stone rather than having to replace all of it later on. If you take care of your stone, it can last for decades or even centuries!

Start by finding a commercial stone restoration service in the South Bay. Why? Well, services such as ours have years of experience. We know what to do and what not to do with your particular stone type.

We also can give you some tips and pointers to make sure that you keep up your stone floor between our visits.

So remember, your home is an investment, and so is your floor. So if you have any sort of natural stone in your home, make sure that you take care of it. Schedule an appointment for commercial stone restoration today.

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