Stone Cleaning and Restoration in the South Bay: Bring Back Your Stone’s Beauty

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If you’re looking at stone restoration in the South Bay, you want to make sure you do not try to clean and restore your stone surfaces yourself.  Why?  Because one wrong step, and you’re not looking at stone cleaning, you’re looking at stone replacement.

Get Professional Marble Care | Beach Cities (310) 545-8750
Get Professional Marble Care | Beach Cities (310) 545-8750

How Hard Is It to Clean a Marble Counter Top?

As a stone restoration service in Manhattan Beach, we can tell you that marble is a tricky stone.  It is part of the calcium carbonate family of stones.  While it is fairly hard, and durable, marble and other similar stone types such as travertine and limestone all have one serious weakness.  If these stones are exposed to anything acidic, it will start crumbling and dissolving the stone, and the term ‘acidic’ covers a lot of territory.  Here are some ordinary things that can cause damage to your marble counter:

  • Red wine
  • Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • Lemon Juice
  • Black Coffee
  • Tap Water

And this is by no means a complete list.  Let’s say you buy a store-bought marble cleaner guaranteed to give your marble surfaces a high gloss polish.  It does what it claims, but what you don’t know is that the cleaning agent is eroding your marble surface slightly.  If that weren’t bad enough, guess how you are getting that high gloss polish?  Wax.  The problem is that after awhile, trace amounts of dirt get trapped by the waxy buildup and as a result your marble looks dingier and dingier.  So you decide to read up on cleaning marble.  What abrasive if any should you use?  How do you polish marble?  How do you protect your marble from stains and spills?  That’s why a stone cleaning service might be your best bet.

Stone Cleaning and Restoration

One thing that we will do is polish and restore your marble countertop using the right level of polish on the stone.  After it has been polished, we will do stone sealing on it to help keep moisture and stains out and protect the shine level on your stone.

We can also recommend a care regimen for your stone between our visits.  The short version is damp mop only, never wet mop and sweep with a dustmop or a soft bristled broom.  Have rugs at the entry points to help trap grit and dirt and prevent scratches on your stone.  All of these reasons and more are reasons to hire a stone cleaning and restoration service in the South Bay.

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