Stone Care in Manhattan Beach: Keep Your Stone Beautiful

Get Stone Cleaning and Restoration Done to Protect Your Granite|310-545-8750

Whether you have marble, slate, or granite, sooner or later you’ll need the services of a stone cleaning service in Manhattan Beach.

Get Stone Cleaning and Restoration Done to Protect Your Stone |310-545-8750
Get Stone Cleaning and Restoration Done to Protect Your Stone |310-545-8750

Professional Stone Care in Manhattan Beach

Why do you need to find a Manhattan Beach stone care service.  Can’t you do it yourself?  Well, you can, but if you’re not careful, you can damage your stone if you try to clean your stone surfaces yourself.

For example, let’s say you use tap water to wet mop your marble floor.  After a few months of this, you notice that the surface of your marble is getting pitted.  Why?  Well, because you used a municipal water source to clean your tile, and there were trace amounts of chlorine in it.  In addition, you did not use a pH neutral cleaner to clean your marble, which caused even more damage.  Ok, you say, I’ll stick with waxing my floor, that will work, won’t it?  Not according to a marble care expert, no.

For a while, your marble will have a marvelous shine to it, and it will essentially look like a mirror.  Except for one problem.  Over time, the polish that you’re using will start to leave behind waxy residue.  This residue will cause your floor to start looking dull and dingy, because all of the wax will attract dirt.  Guess what most people do after that?  They mop and scrub their floor trying to get it to look good, thus damaging the floor.  That’s why you want to work with a stone cleaning service in Manhattan Beach.  They help you to break the cycle of improper stone care.

Each Stone is Different:  Natural Stone Care 101

Each stone type is different and requires different care.  If you have a marble floor, surprisingly, while prone to damage from anything acidic (including red wine, coffee, and orange juice), it actually benefits from having stone honing and polishing done on it with an abrasive.  Slate can be brittle, however, and crack if too much force is applied against it.  Anything calcium-based such as limestone, travertine, and marble while in the stone family all require differing levels of care.

Other stone groups such as granite also come with their own requirements for stone care.  One thing that all stones have in common is that they all benefit from procedures such as stone sealing.  Stone sealing helps to seal the stone’s surface and stops it from absorbing stains and makes it easier to clean up.  That’s one of the key differences between a do it yourself solution and hiring a professional stone cleaning service in Manhattan Beach.

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