Professional Tile Cleaning in The Beach Cities: What It Is and Why You’ll Need It (Contd.)

Get Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Manhattan Beach, CA | (310) 545-8750

A professional tile cleaning service in the South Bay will know a lot of things that you won’t.

Get Professional Tile Cleaning Manhattan Beach | (310) 545-8750
Get Professional Tile Cleaning Manhattan Beach | (310) 545-8750

How Clean Can a South Bay Tile Cleaning Service Get Your Tile?

As we covered previously, even if you’re following tile cleaning best practices, to restore your tile to its original sparkling brilliance it is best to employ the services of a professional tile cleaning service in Manhattan Beach.

The type of clean that is appropriate to your tile depends on what type of tile you have, what’s been done on prior cleaning sessions and what is causing the tile to look dirty in the first place. It is impossible to clean a tile without knowing why it has a blemish/cloudy/dirty appearance. And even within the narrow range of ceramic tiles there are many different types and finishes – porcelain, vitreous, glazed, polished etc. This will heavily determine what type of cleaning materials and methods are appropriate. If a polished tile has a cloudy look observed under certain lighting conditions for example, there is little that can be done other than changing the lighting in your room, this being more of a design feature than an actual flaw.

Avoid Bad Grout or Tile Sealing:  Call a Professional

Sometimes if the sealer is not buffed properly on denser tile then it may give a dirty appearance, and certain sealers trap moisture giving a cloudy look. In this instance the sealer may have to be stripped. A permanent type of haze may be left if someone attempted a clean your tile with too strong of a cleaning agent, such as muriatic acid. This can leave a permanent mark on the tile that is not possible to remove. Or there could be cement left over from the tile installation, in which cases a different cleaning method is appropriate. In other words quite a lot goes into cleaning tile, and simply using an ordinary cleaning detergent or a vinegar or lemon solution will most often not work in these instances. There is a lot of specialized knowledge that goes into cleaning tile and South Bay tile cleaning services are often the only ones who have the knowledge to get rid of certain marks, scrapes and blemishes on your tile.

Tile Cleaning professionals ultimately are worth it and are necessary for pure and clean tile. There are a number of things professional services take into account when cleaning tile. Many use a special grout cleaning product which maintains the grout for months on end, and if the grout is discolored there is no way it can be restored to it’s original color without contracting the help of a professional tile cleaning service in the South Bay.


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