Natural Stone Cleaning in Manhattan Beach (Conclusion)

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Natural stone cleaning in Manhattan Beach can be more problematical than you might think…

Get Commercial Stone Restoration for your Granite | (310) 545-8750
Get Commercial Stone Restoration for your Granite | (310) 545-8750

Do You Know How to Clean Natural Stone? Be Very, Very Careful

As we covered previously, you should never use scouring agents to clean natural stone and be careful with rust removers like laundry rust stain removers. Scouring agents will scratch your surfaces whiles rust removers containing hydrofluoric acid, which will attack almost all rock especially siliceous stones. In order to deal with stains effectively you need to identify the stain. Is the stain oil?  is it ink? is it a biological stain?  Knowing the type of stain you have to deal with can help you find the right product and method to use. Oil-based stains will gradually darken the stone. Oil needs to be broken down with a specially balanced formula that only a professional stone cleaning service in Manhattan Beach will have access to.

Organic stains like food stains, urine wine or coffee can create a brownish may cause a pinkish-brown stains. Metal or rust stains are usually orange or brown in color and follow the shape of the metal object like nails, screws, cans metal furniture, etc. A stone cleaning service will likely use a poultice to remove metal stains, which is important to avoid rust staining your stone surfaces as it could leave the permanently stained.

How a Stone Cleaning Service Can Save You

Natural stone is not that easy to clean and maintain. It is always advisable that you contact a professional cleaning company to clean your stone floors and surfaces. You should also make sure that you reseal your stone as often as you need to. When in doubt, ask the experts.

If you’re not careful, you can end up severely discoloring or even damaging your stone. That’s yet one more reason to hire a professional cleaning service. They can apply their vast knowledge and experience to cleaning your stone the right way. And that is a very good thing.

Why? Well, natural stone can be potentially expensive. The problem is that if you damage your natural stone, you have to replace whole sections of it to avoid mismatching the stone color and pattern. Even something as simple as granite can have dozens of different colors. So instead of running the risk of causing damage, do the right thing. Call a professional stone cleaning service in Manhattan Beach instead.


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