Hardwood Floor Cleaning in the South Bay: Protecting Your Investment (Contd.)

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A hardwood floor cleaning service gives your floor a professional touch.  They have to know a lot before they begin working on your hardwood floors.

Get Professional Hardwood Floor Restoration Done | (310) 545-8750
Get Professional Hardwood Floor Restoration Done | (310) 545-8750

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services: Hiring the Best Ones

Continuing information from our previous list, make sure that the hardwood floor cleaning service uses the right cleaning methods and solutions.  To prevent any damages on the wooden surface, any solutions used should not contain any alkaline or ammonia. Bleach should also be avoided.

The hardwood floor cleaning service in South Bay should also avoid using any oil based sprays and soaps like those used for spring-cleaning furniture.  Why?  Well, this is because oil tends to make the flooring surface slippery. In addition, it makes it difficult for you to re-coat the surface with vanish. While they provide a temporary shine and luster, wax and oil based cleaning products also leave behind residue that eventually dulls the shine of your floor. Wax and oil attract dirt, which makes your floor look grimy.  Therefore, ensure that the hardwood floor restoration service uses cleaning products that are recommended by the manufacturer or a hardwood flooring expert.

As with other types of contract work, it is important for homeowners to put in adequate time into hiring the best hardwood floor cleaning company. For excellent results, property owners should determine the number of times they want the cleaners to come every month, their budget and the number of hours that the company should take to complete the work. This will ensure that they get excellent hardwood floor cleaning services.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning in the South Bay:  Final Thoughts

You want to make sure that you know what type of floor you have.  Make sure that it is truly a hardwood floor and not a wood laminate.  While there are some universal care regimens for floors, such as avoiding harsh chemicals, and sweeping, there are other things specific to each type of wood your floor is made of.

Teak, for example, is naturally oily, so in keeping with what we posted above, don’t use wax or oil based cleaning products on your teak floor.  You also want to make sure that you put mats, or rugs at the entrance to every room with hardwood floors.  This will help to trap grit between visits from your cleaning service.

Ultimately, go with the company that can do the job.  Hire a hardwood floor cleaning service in Los Angeles.

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