Don’t Damage Your Stone: Hire a Professional Commercial Stone Restoration Service (Continued)

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Professional commercial stone restoration is a good investment of your money.

Get Commercial Stone Restoration | (310) 545-8750
Get Commercial Stone Restoration | (310) 545-8750

Why Commercial Stone Restoration Is So Important

As we covered previously, commercial stone restoration should be performed by an experienced professional. An expert will know how to clean your natural stone surfaces in a way that not only restores their original luster but also prevents future degradation.

If you want your commercial stone to be restored to its original brilliance, six distinct steps must be followed. First, natural stone surfaces and surrounding surfaces must be prepped. This involves pre-cleaning any scuffs, spills, and stains. This also involves covering any surrounding non-stone surfaces. Failure to cover surrounding non-stone surfaces can result in those surfaces being damaged by the cleaning agents that will be applied to the natural stone surfaces.  A professional stone cleaning service in the South Bay will know this.

The second step is a thorough pre-sealing of the natural stone surfaces to keep the surfaces as dry as possible. If this step is skipped or executed improperly, the actual cleaning part of the process will not be effective.

The third step is what’s known as “honing.” Honing involves gently removing etches, scratches, signs of wear, and dings. This is done with a combination of cleaning products and abrasive compounds. Non-professionals simply don’t know how to use and apply the proper combination of products and compounds to remove scratches and dings. If this step is skipped or done improperly, your stone surfaces will look older than they really are. Even worse, small etches and signs of wear will appear much more pronounced over time if they’re not properly treated when they are still relatively small.

Stone Care:  Knowing What Products to Use

The fourth step is rinsing. Both inferior non-commercial grade products and their superior commercial grade counterparts must be thoroughly rinsed off the surface. Residue from cleaning products and abrasive compounds is unsightly and can damage your natural stone surfaces.

The fifth step is polishing. This involves using special stone polishing machinery and the appropriate polishing compounds. You need to work with a professional commercial stone restoration service that has access to the proper machinery and knows how to use it.

The sixth and final step is sealing. Sealing your natural stone surfaces is crucial to protecting them from the effects of moisture and preventing future stains.

Natural stone floors and other natural stone surfaces are beautiful and, when properly maintained, will last for an incredibly long time. Proper maintenance necessitates working with a commercial stone restoration service whose staff is properly trained in natural stone cleaning methods.

Ultimately, your best bet is to contact a stone restoration service in Los Angeles.

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