Slate is a type of metamorphic rock that is very finely grained.  Slate is a stone that is often used in building materials.  Inside homes it is used for both floor tiles and sometimes for counters as well.

Slate can benefit from stone enhancing as well as stone sealing
Slate can benefit from stone enhancing as well as stone sealing

Slate in the Home

Why do a lot of homeowners pick slate?  Because of both its beauty as well as its many features.

When slate is cut, it breaks well into flat tiles, which obviously makes it a great choice for flooring material.  While slate is often grey in color, like marble, it comes in a wide  variety of colors including green, purple, and blue.  Old style blackboards for example weren’t black, they were made of green slate.  What causes slate to have such different colors?  It depends on the chemical composition of the surrounding rock. Another reason slate is sometimes a popular flooring material is that it is almost completely waterproof, as well as being very durable.

Slate tiles are often used on floors and  stairs, as well as counters.  Since it is such a low maintenance stone, there isn’t a lot of work needed on it.  However, there are a great many services we can offer regarding slate.

Slate: Stone Enhancers and Stone Sealing

One thing that we can do for your slate is to do stone sealing on it.  Sealing slate helps to protect it from damage.  While slate is tough, the grout between the tiles is very porous, not that tough, and can be prone to stains. In addition grout can crack or develop gaps in it.  These gaps or cracks that are under the tiles are the worst, as they can cause you to crack your stile with regular wear and tear.

In addition to stone sealing, one other service that we have that helps with slate is to apply stone enhancer on it.  Stone enhancing brings out the rich color of the slate that you have.  So  you can have a vibrant blue, and with sealant applied on top of it, it will stay that same shade of blue.

So remember, like other forms of natural stone such as travertine or marble, slate is a beautiful addition to your home. And what’s more it is an investment.

As such, you want to keep your slate looking its best.  And two ways to do it is to have professional stone enhancing as well as stone sealing done.