Marble requires specialized care that is different than other forms of stone.

Marble and Marble Care

Marble is part of the calcium family of stones which also includes stones such as travertine and limestone.  Even though marble care differs slightly from the other types of stone in this group, each calcium-based stone share certain common factors.

Be careful what you use on marble.  Anything acidic like bleach or white vinegar should be avoided at all costs.  In addition, any harsh chemicals such as ammonia should also be avoided as well.  While marble is a hard stone is it also extremely reactive to anything harsh or acidic.  You can dissolve marble with something as simple as a red wine spill!

Hiring a professional marble cleaning service is actually your best bet.

Marble Shower Cleaning

You may wish to contact a service for marble shower cleaning in Los Angeles.  Why?  Well, if you are not careful, you could cause a lot of damage to your stone…

Get Marble Shower Cleaning in L.A. | (310) 545-8750
Get Marble Shower Cleaning in L.A. | (310) 545-8750

How to Clean a Marble Shower: Call a Stone Care Service

Marble is one of those things that make people envious. It conveys a touch of elegance to anyone’s home or office whether it be a marble floor in someone’s living room or a marble shower in someone’s luxury condo. You can install marble tile in a shower, however, be aware that marble needs a lot of specialized care.  One thing to note is how to clean a marble shower.

Your best bet is to call a stone care service.  Marble is highly reactive to anything acidic.  In addition, a lot of harsh chemicals should also be avoided as well.  Chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, and alkaline chemicals can cause a big problem with your stone.

Marble Shower Cleaning the Professional Way

The truly sobering thing about some store bought cleaning products is some of them contain the exact sort of chemicals that you should avoid.  Another problem is a great many of these store bought solutions, some of which are even specifically designed for cleaning marble showers have an extra ingredient for getting that polish level:  wax.  Wax can indeed give marble a nice polish, but it also leaves behind some residue.  Over time, this residue can not only become a slip hazard, it can also leave your marble shower looking less than elegant.

So remember, if you have a marble shower, take care of it.  Make sure you wipe down your shower when you’re done with it to keep hard water deposits from getting left behind on your stone.  And call a professional service to clean your marble shower.

Marble Shower Restoration


Sometimes, you may need to get marble shower restoration done.  Why?  Well, sometimes simple cleaning just isn’t enough, particularly if your stone is damaged…

Restore your Marble Shower
Restore your Marble Shower

Restoring Damaged Marble Showers

Marble is surprisingly easy to damage.  Sometimes, something as simple as using the wrong product on marble can have a disastrous effect on your stone.  Why?  Well, like all calcium-based stone, marble is highly reactive to anything acidic.  Vinegar, bleach, and other acid-based chemicals can literally dissolve your stone right before your eyes.  However, even if you are careful in what you use for marble shower cleaning, even something as simple as unfiltered water can have an effect on your your stone.

What you can’t see on your stone is all the tiny microorganisms.  Some, like bacteria, have a high acid pH, and they can eat away at your stone.  Not all at once, but over time you can notice brown patches or streaks on your marble shower.  These are often due to bacteria.  That’s why you want to call in a professional service for marble shower restoration and cleaning.

Marble Shower Restoration: The Right Way

How we restore marble is the right way to do it.  First off, we ask questions.  Next we assess your stone and see what we need to do to it to bring it back to the polish level that you want.  And finally, after cleaning and restoring, we seal your marble shower to help protect it from any further damage, and helping to prevent slips. What’s more when we seal at the end of a project, it lasts for a long time, and we can even provide you with some tips to keep your stone looking its best.

All of these reasons and more is the level of service you should expect from your experts in stone care, and marble shower restoration.

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