Granite is a popular stone in homes nowadays.  It is used in counters, sink areas, and other places.  Granite is a composite stone that has pieces of other stone inside it, all of which gives granite a gorgeous look.

Like marble and slate, granite also comes in quite a few colors such as white, black, pink, or gray. Granite is an igneous rock, which means that it formed with the help of a volcano.  This also makes the stone very hard.  In fact, as granite is one of the hardest types of natural stone used in homes, it is also fairly durable.  Granite is used in both commercial properties as well as in homes.  Polished granite is also a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Granite Cleaning and Polishing

Get Granite Cleaning and Sealing Done to Protect Your Stone
Get Granite Cleaning and Sealing Done to Protect Your Stone

Granite cleaning and polishing help to remove spills and stains from granite, as like all natural stone, it is very porous.  Other things can be done with granite as well such as stone honing and of course sealing your stone.

Stone sealing helps to not only protect your stone from spills and stains, it also helps to give it a uniform surface as well as strengthens the bond of the stone.  All  natural stone, whether it is marble, travertine, slate, or granite is porous as well as having tiny fissures and channels.   These pores, fissures, and  channels act like a sponge This means that without protection, the first glass of red wine that hits the floor can dye the stone.

Natural stone such as granite is used in multiple areas of the home such as kitchens and bathrooms.  If unsealed, natural stone can be damaged. The most common form of damage is stains.

Granite Cleaning and Granite Sealing

When we clean granite, we know what to use to remove the stain.  Some stains are oil based and some are acidic for example.  So we first thoroughly clean the granite, and as a result, we start with a clean surface.  Then we do a coating of impregnating stone sealer which covers and protects the surface.

Stone countertops that are made of granite are often very vulnerable to staining, particularly in a kitchen or bathroom area.  For example, if someone spills a pot of pasta sauce on a granite surface, tomatoes are highly acidic, which means the weaker pieces of stone in the granite may not only stain, they might also dissolve.

So whether you are a home or business, if you have granite, you want to take care of it.  So call us in today for professional granite cleaning.