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Stone Cleaning and Care in El Segundo

As we covered previously, stone floors are generally very durable and long lasting, as long as you don’t neglect them. To keep your stone floors looking their best you will have to hire a professional stone cleaning company, like us, to periodically come out and provide a thorough deep cleaning of your floors.

But between  cleaning appointments, you schedule with us some basic care that you do at home can really go a long way to protecting your stone floors. Make sure that you sweep them frequently, and keep mats at the front and back entry points to help keep debris from coming in. When you clean your stone floors make sure that you use a cleaner specifically formulated for stone so that you can avoid damaging it while you are trying to clean it.

Reasons To Hire A Professional Stone Restoration Service in El Segundo

If you have a stone floor in your home it’s your responsibility to take care of it and protect it. If you fail to do this then you are going to end up regretting it. The good news is that in many cases a professional stone restoration service sill be able to restore the stone floor in your home to a like new condition. This can be an expensive process, but it’s still far less expensive than actually hiring a contractor to come out and replace your stone flooring.

While you can avoid having to have a stone floor restoration done if you use proper stone care when cleaning and maintaining your floor if you neglected to do this then this is your best option. So what exactly is involved in having your stone floor restored? The first thing that will happen if you hire us is we will come out and evaluate the condition of your stone floor. We have experience in dealing with floors made from granite, marble, limestone, and just about any other type of stone that is commonly used for flooring. Once we evaluate your stone floor we will give you an honest assessment. If we feel that your floor is in too bad of condition to be saved, then we’ll let you know. In most cases, though we should be able to restore your stone floor, and if this is the case here we’ll give you an estimate of what it’s going to cost you.


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