Why Do You Need a Manhattan Beach Stone Cleaning Service (Conclusion)

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One of the key reasons to hire a professional stone cleaning service in the South Bay is that they are going to know what it takes to work on your stone.  And knowing your stone is of key importance.

Get Professional Stone Care | Beach Cities (310) 545-8750
Get Professional Stone Care | Beach Cities (310) 545-8750

Manhattan Beach Stone Cleaning: Travertine and Slate

As we covered previously, most professional stone restoration and cleaning experts specialize in all aspects of stone restoration, cleaning & polishing, honing, grinding (or re-leveling) stripping, tile & grout maintenance, tile replacement, grout coloring, chip & crack repair, etc.  They also know how to tailor their services based on the type of stone you have, such as travertine.  Travertine is type of limestone formed by hot springs. The stone has been eroded by water movement, creating many holes of different sizes. Travertine is somehow similar to marble in that it is sensitive to household cleaners containing acids and chelating agents, but it can be polished. A Manhattan Beach stone cleaning service like ours can offer honing, cleaning, polishing, enhancement sealers and sealing for travertine. But what about slate?

Slate is a metamorphic stone with a fine-grained look. It comes typically in green, gray or black color. One of the advantages of Slate is that it is not acid sensitive. However, when exposed to a prolonged use of household cleaners with chelating agents, Slate can deteriorate due to dullness and streaking. Homeowners and owners of small businesses can hire the services of a local professional stone cleaning service company that offers slate sealing and cleaning, as well as enhancers that can bring out slate’s deep rich natural color.

Granite and Terrazzo: Cleaning and Care

Granite is a natural stone material that is not as porous as other natural stones and it is extremely hard. Granite has the advantage of not being acid sensitive. However, exposure of granite to prolonged use of household cleaners that contain chelating agents can cause streaking. Stone cleaning service companies offer sealing and cleaning of granite floors and counter tops.

Terrazzo is made by a pouring application on the slab or in tile form. This natural stone material appears more uniform than most other natural stones. Terrazzo is a mixture of marble chips and Portland cement. The marble chips can range in size from several inches large to a fraction of an inch. It is recommended to hire a local stone cleaning service to polish, clean, and seal your Terrazzo surfaces.

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