Stone Cleaning in the Beach Cities (Contd.)

Professional tile cleaning in the South Bay | (310) 545-8750

What’s the difference between cleaning stone yourself and calling a stone restoration service in the beach cities?  The level of service that you will get, for one thing, as well as a fair amount of safety.

Professional stone cleaning in South Bay | (310) 545-8750
Professional stone cleaning in South Bay | (310) 545-8750

Natural Stone Restoration in the Beach Cities

As we covered previously, what you don’t know can hurt your stone, such as spilling orange juice, coffee or wine on your stone floor.  That’s why you want to hire a pro to clean your stone.

A professional stone cleaning service in the beach cities will not just clean your stone, they will also tell you how to protect it between visits.  First off though, if they’re any good, they will clean your floor thoroughly as well as remove any damages such as scratches, pits, or chips.  Once they have cleaned the stone surface, then they will most likely recommend that you seal your stone with an impregnating sealer.

Should You Opt for Stone Sealing?

Should you opt for stone sealing?  Absolutely.  Stone is naturally porous, and as a result anything spilled on it can sink into these pores and leave behind a nasty stain, making for a much harder stone cleaning job the next time around.  Once your service has completed restoring your stone, they will most likely tell you how to maintain your stone surface between visits.

For example if you spill anything, any spills should be mopped up immediately and blotted dry with a towel.  You should sweep your floor with a broom or dust mop and damp mopping with a mix of water and a neutral ph cleaner.  This will help to reduce blemishes and spots appearing. It is also a good idea to install a floor mat at the entrance of each room that has stone flooring; this will reduce grit and other things that can mar your floor’s surface.  Above all else, he will recommend that unless you know what you’re doing, don’t try to do any sort of stone restoration on your own, you could damage your floor.

Ultimately, you want to take care of your floor regardless of what type of stone you have.  The alternative is way more expensive, namely having to replace some, if not all of your floor.  So get on the phone to a stone restoration service in the South bay area to make sure you enjoy your stone for years to come.


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