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Do you have a hardwood floor and are you having trouble in cleaning it up? Although hardwood flooring has been around for years, there can sometimes be some confusion as to the best practices for cleaning and maintaining them.

Restore your Hardwood Floor | (310) 545-8750
Restore your Hardwood Floor | (310) 545-8750

Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Restoration:  Clear Up the Confusion

Part of the confusion where hardwood floor cleaning is concerned is due to the increasing types and variations of hardwood, as well as the different finishes and sealants that can be applied to this type of flooring. It is imperative that the proper equipment, cleaning solutions and method of cleaning are employed in order to clean your floors and maintain their integrity at the same time. The following are some of the different variations of hardwood floors, and the applicable professional hardwood floor cleaning methods for each.
• Classic hardwood floor cleaning
More recent hardwood is easier to clean and more durable thanks to the types of sealants that are used. However, in many older homes where original, classic hardwood flooring still exists, cleaning can be a bit more difficult. Since this type of flooring is sensitive to any moisture and liquids, you have to be very careful with the amount of cleaning solutions used. The first thing that should be done is remove any dust or dirt from the floor by vacuuming or mopping with a dry cloth in order to avoid scratches that the dirt and debris can potentially cause. Mopping with a wet or damp cloth is not recommended, as any residue left behind can cause damage to the floor. Professional hardwood floor cleaning include buffing and re-waxing to maintain their cleanliness and luster.
• Urethane-Sealed Hardwood Floor Cleaning
More modern hardwood flooring is typically sealed with urethane, which makes them a little easier to clean than their classic hardwood counterparts. However, as with the classic hardwood, using a wet or damp mop or cloth is not recommended as moisture can damage this type of flooring as well. Waxing is also not recommended, as it can ruin the floor’s finish.  If you do end up ruining your floor’s finish, then there is nothing left to do but get restoration work done.

Hardwood Floor Restoration: When to Call

If your floor’s finish is well, finished, then that’s the time to call a professional hardwood floor restoration service.  By no means should you ever try to restore your floor on your own.  You could end up doing more damage to your floor.

A professional service will know when to sand and when not to, and above all else, how to protect your hardwood floor from further damage.

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