Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning (Contd.)

You want to make sure that you call a professional hardwood floor cleaning service to avoid damaging your floors.  Professional services not only have all the tools that they’re going to need, they have the knowledge and experience to help.

 Hardwood Floor Cleaning | (310) 545-8750
Hardwood Floor Cleaning | (310) 545-8750

What Can Damage a Hardwood Floor?

What can damage a hardwood floor?  Turns out a lot of things can.  A woman’s shoe that has a bit of the heel wearing out can really gouge a floor to the point of severe damage, as can a man’s steel toed boot.  If your dog or cat drags something, it can cause damage as can your pet’s claws.  That’s why you want to protect your floor as well as clean it.

Although modern floors that are sealed with urethane are more durable than those with wax finishes, they are still vulnerable to scratches. Professional hardwood floor cleaning practices include some between visit tips.

For example, it’s best to dry mop or vacuum your hardwood floors to keep them clean, and spot clean when necessary.  The rules change slightly if you have laminate wood flooring.

How to Handle Laminate Flooring

The easiest ‘hardwood’ to clean is engineered or laminate flooring, which really isn’t hardwood at all, but a floor constructed to mimic the look of wood. Unlike authentic hardwood, damp mops or cloths can be used to clean this flooring with a much smaller risk of damage. Vacuuming or dry mopping should be done first before damp mopping to remove dirt and debris. It’s important to note that even though laminate or engineered hardwood can have a damp cloth applied,  like actual hardwood floor cleaning, very little water should be used, and immediate drying should be done after cleaning to avoid damage to the floor’s surface.

So remember, you don’t ever want to wet mop any sort of wood or wood-based floor.  Instead, remember to damp mop and sweep.  Avoid using harsh chemicals on your hardwood floor, and always clean it once a week to avoid grit and dirt from accumulating.  A little white vinegar mixed with water is often an effective way of cleaning Caring for your hardwood is important for longevity and integrity of your flooring. For best practices, it’s wise to employ professional hardwood floor cleaning services to ensure that proper cleaning techniques, equipment and solutions are used.

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