Hiring a Professional Stone Cleaning Service in The South Bay

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Hiring a professional stone cleaning service in the South Bay not only cleans your stone surfaces, it helps to protect them as well.

Call Today for Stone Cleaning in the South Bay of Los Angeles | (310) 545-8750
Call Today for Stone Cleaning in the South Bay of Los Angeles | (310) 545-8750

Stone Cleaning Services in The South Bay

Hiring a professional stone cleaning service for natural stone surfaces such as granite, marble, limestone, travertine, is usually needed once every few years. Homeowners need to hire a professional service for stone restoration even more often in case that they live in a home with pets or small children. In their case, it is typically recommended to hire a professional natural stone restoration service as often as once per year.

Sometimes it is not necessary to restore the entire floor in the house. A professional stone cleaning team may simply isolate and restore your high-traffic areas that are more exposed to getting dirty as well as to wear and tear. You should use professional stone cleaning service for your natural stone surfaces and your floors, regardless of your home’s living environment. Sometimes, just a quick cleaning and sealing of your stone may be sufficient. However, areas in your home such as bathrooms and kitchens with heavy product usage may show wear and tear at a more accelerate rate.

These areas will usually show abrasions and dull spots called etches rather quickly. For these stone areas of your home you may hire a professional natural stone cleaning, restoration and sealing service s often as you feel fit.

Natural Stone Cleaning Done Right

In particular, travertine, limestone and marble are very absorbent and porous materials. If when you are mopping you don’t empty and fill periodically with clean water these surfaces will absorb dirty water. They can also stain from colored liquids that may splatter or spill on them. The most dangerous liquids are grape juice, tomato sauce and red wine. These surfaces can also discolor from foot-traffic. In these cases, professional cleaning is advisable. A professional stone cleaning and restoration service will use various products and cleaning methods able to remove even the most soiled markings and stubborn stains.

Marble Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining the marble can sometimes be somehow difficult. Marble is more porous and softer than most stone. That makes it scratch and etch easily. Marble is also very sensitive to acids present in various food items, including sodas and citrus products, as well as to the chelating agents present in household cleaners. Restaurant owners, business owners and homeowners can take advantage of professional marble cleaning and restoration services that use the best cleaning tools and products.

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