Hiring a Professional Stone Cleaning Service in The South Bay (Contd.)

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There are several reasons why you want to hire a stone cleaning service in the South Bay, and not try to clean your stone surfaces yourself. One of the biggest is the potential to damage your stone… This is even more dangerous if you own a business.

Stone Restoration in the South Bay of Los Angeles | (310) 545-8750
Stone Restoration in the South Bay of Los Angeles | (310) 545-8750

Stone Cleaning in the South Bay

As we covered previously, restaurant owners, business owners and homeowners can take advantage of professional marble cleaning and restoration services that use the best cleaning tools and products. Such professional marble cleaning services can remove stains and rust as well as clean, polish and seal your marble counter tops and floors.
Limestone Cleaning

Same as marble, limestone is also sensitive to household cleaners containing chelating agents as well as acids. Sometimes limestone may have a  fossil imprint and it may vary in hardness. Professional marble cleaning  services offer cleaning, polishing, honing, and sealing of limestone.

Travertine Cleaning in Manhattan Beach

Travertine is a particular type of limestone formed by hot springs. Stone has been going through the process of erosion that created holes of different sizes. Same as marble, travertine is sensitive to household cleaners with chelating agents and acids. It can be polished, cleaned, honed and sealed by professional stone cleaning services.

Slate Cleaning

A fine-grained metamorphic stone, slate comes usually in natural green, gray or black colors. Unlike marble, travertine and limestone, slate is not acid sensitive. However, using household cleaners that contain chelating agents can cause dullness and streaking. Professional stone cleaning services offer slate cleaning, polishing, honing, and sealing.

Granite Cleaning

Granite is not as porous as other natural stones and it is extremely hard. However, even if granite is not acid sensitive, household cleaners containing chelating agents may cause streaking. Professional stone cleaning services offers cleaning and sealing of granite floors and countertops.

Terrazzo Cleaning

Terrazzo is available by pouring application on the slab or in tile form. This mixture of marble chips and Portland cement is more uniform than other natural stone materials. Professional stone cleaning services offer polishing, cleaning and sealing of terrazzo.

Natural Stone Honing

Stone flooring with a honed finish creates a smooth stunning satin finish with a rustic appearance. Honed flooring is particularly popular for high traffic areas, being more scratch resistant than polished stone flooring.

Natural Stone Polishing

Natural stone with a polished finish is commonly used for staircases, flooring, tables, counters, and fireplace mantels. A polished finish features a glossy surface that enhances the natural stone color and reflects light. Professional stone cleaning services can restore, protect and polish natural stone.


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