Hiring a Professional Stone Cleaning Service in The South Bay (Conclusion)

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A professional stone cleaning service in Manhattan Beach has a wide list of services that they can offer a home or business looking to clean their stone.

Get Stone Cleaning and Restoration Done to Protect Your Granite|310-545-8750
Get Stone Cleaning and Restoration Done to Protect Your Granite|310-545-8750

As we covered previously, natural stone with a polished finish is commonly used for staircases, flooring, tables, counters, and fireplace mantels. A polished finish features a glossy surface that enhances the natural stone color and reflects light. Professional stone cleaning services can restore, protect and polish natural stone.

How Do I Restore My Granite Counter Top Myself?

Restoring granite is only part of the process. You have to protect your stone as well.

Natural stone, including terrazzo, travertine, marble, granite, limestone, quartzite, and onyx contain pores. These pores open in the stone release gas and moisture and allow stone to “breathe”. Natural stone will eventually stain and deteriorate if it does not breathe. These stone surfaces can be sealed only with impregnating sealers that have been specifically designed for natural stone. These products do not clog the pores, being absorbed into the stone. Professional stone cleaning services can coat your stone with an impregnating sealer in order to make it resistant to water and oil based stains.
Natural Stone Processes

A professional stone cleaning service usually included the following processes:

• Pre-Inspection – a thorough pre-inspection precedes all natural stone cleaning, restoration and sealing jobs. During the pre-inspection, the professional stone cleaning team will determine a customized care plan that can meet your particular needs for your floor type.
• Preparation – in order to protect all areas surrounding your floors, during the preparation phase the professional stone cleaning team will take the necessary precautions by covering the surfaces with blue tape and 24” plastic sheets.
• Diamond Grinding – mechanical abrasives underneath a rotary machine are used to restore stone that is scratched, scuffed and etched. Diamond abrasives remove a slight amount of stone. Water that contains dust is used for diamond grinding. The desired surface sheen is determined by the following surfacing procedures.
• Honing – diamond abrasives and water are used to mechanically resurface stone and achieve a uniformly honed surface sheen.
• Polishing – high gloss shine is produced by mechanically finishing stone. The polishing process removes light scuffs, etches and scratches. In case of medium deepscuffs, etches and scratches is necessary diamond grinding.
• Cleaning – variables such as use, traffic, soiling conditions, maintenance, make-up make the cleaning process to vary from floor to floor.
• Sealing and Enhancers – the stone is protected by applying a clear impregnating sealer. A high gloss protection or an enhancer can also be applied, depending on the stone type.

So as you see, there is more to cleaning stone than just polishing it.  Call a stone cleaning service in Manhattan Beach.


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