Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Los Angeles: Is It Time to Refinish Your Floor? (Contd.)

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There is a lot more to hardwood floor refinishing than you might think.

Get Professional Hardwood Floor Restoration Done | (310) 545-8750
Get Professional Hardwood Floor Restoration Done | (310) 545-8750

Hardwood Floor Refiniishing: Applying a Sealer

As we covered previously, a base coat sealer should be used before the polyurethane finish to avoid discoloration. Your base coat will take about three hours to dry if you pick water-based polyurethane, and closer to eight hours if you decide to use oil-based polyurethane. You’ll need to work more quickly to avoid unsightly lap marks with water-based polyurethane, but the overall restoration will take less time.

Since oil-based polyurethane takes longer to dry, it’s much more forgiving when it comes to correcting mistakes; for this reason oil-based polyurethane is sometimes recommended for first-timers.An oil-based polyurethane will turn an amber color as it ages, whereas a water-based polyurethane will stay clear and preserve the original color of your hardwood floor. Water-based polyurethane also produces fewer noxious fumes than oil-based polyurethane. Although neither finisher is a poor choice, consider your experience and time constraints before making your selection for your  hardwood floor refinishing project.

Once your base coat is dry, apply two more coats of finisher, adhering to the above-mentioned drying times. Once your first coat of finisher is dry you have the option to re-sand and re-vacuum for the smoothest possible finish, but don’t sand your final coat. Professionals recommend refinishing your floor every two years or whenever it starts to look worn.

Why a Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service May be a Better Choice

A hardwood floor refinishing service may be a better answer as they have all of the equipment, the chemicals, and most importantly of all, the experience.  How important is experience in hardwood floor refinishing?  Well, first off, do you know what brand of sealer to apply?  How about where to get it?  What will you do if something goes wrong?  A professional service wouldn’t even balk at such a project.  They’d get started immediately and guarantee their work.  This is crucial for one reason.  Have you priced a new hardwood floor lately?  Here’s a spoiler.  They are kind of expensive.  Oh you could go cheap, and go for laminate or some other floor choice, but an honest to goodness hardwood floor will set you back several thousand dollars.

In addition, not only will their experience help you, it will help you to relax and not do hours of backbreaking work.  So remember, the key is how to use your money.  It’s better to use your money
to hire a hardwood floor cleaning service instead.

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