Why should you consider getting grout color sealing?  Well, you can either bring your floor back to the way it used to look, or give it a completely new look

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The Two Forms Grout Color Sealing Takes

There are two forms of grout color sealing projects. They can either be restoration projects where the original grout color is brought back, or they can be projects designed to give your grout a totally new color.  Regardless of which choice you make, grout color sealant is applied to both your grout as well as your tile.

Grout color sealant is either solvent based or water based. When you hire us to do your floor, we  can make your floor look like you’ve remodeled the entire room, while at the same time protecting your floor from spills and stains.  What’s more, your room can have a new look at a price that is pennies on the dollar in comparison to doing a complete removal of all of your tile and grout and replacing them.

Can You Do Grout Color Sealing on Any Type of Tile Floor?

Can you do grout color sealing on any type of floor? You can, however, grout color sealing works best on floors that are ceramic or porcelain.  You want to make sure that you color your floor, but not make it hard to change the color later on.  As to why you want to do any sort of grout color job, remember that people are aware of even the floor in a room.

Grout that is discolored or stain can take even expensive tiles and make them look cheap and ugly.  Particularly in a home that is pre-owned, if a tile installer didn’t spend enough time picking out the right grout color, it can detract from the tiling job as well.  For example, when grout’s first put in, sometimes the tiler adds too much water which gives the grout a much lighter color.  While using a lot of water makes tile installation a lot easier, it also washes out the color, or gives it an uneven appearance.  Hiring us for grout color sealing can correct this earlier mistake and give your floor the look that you desire.

There are a lot of different possibilities for you to consider.  So remember, you don’t have to stick with what you’ve got.  Want a new look?  Then get grout color sealing done today.