Everything You Wanted to Know About Marble Cleaning But Were Afraid to Ask

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Marble cleaning in Beverly Hills is about  both knowing what to do and what not to do.  And marble has a lot of highly specialized care.

Professional Stone Restoration and Cleaning in Beverly HIlls | 310-545-8750
Professional Stone Restoration and Cleaning in Beverly HIlls | 310-545-8750

Marble Cleaning:  Hire a Stone Restoration Service

In fact, marble is surprisingly delicate and easy to damage.  Like travertine, as we covered previously, simply spilling some orange juice or coffee on the tile can immediately start to damage it. Why?  Because marble doesn’t react well to anything acidic.

In fact, as it comes from the same stone family as limestone and travertine, it can be affected by the same sort of things that these other stones can.  Any professional marble cleaning service can tell you that so much can damage marble it isn’t even funny.

Like what?  Harsh chemicals for one.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that common household bleach is essentially acid.  And if you pour anything acidic on your marble, you will see your marble start to dissolve almost instantly.  And it doesn’t  have to be something as harsh as bleach.  Even orange juice and coffee can erode the matrix of your stone and leave your $5,000 marble floor looking like very expensive, inedible Swiss cheese.  Some store-bought cleaning solutions can also damage your marble, as can tap water in some cases.  We know what you’re thinking.  Tap water?  Really?  Well, in a lot of municipal water sources, they put trace amounts of chlorine into the water and guess what chlorine is?  Bleach.  In addition, if you wet mop a marble floor, and don’t dry it immediately, bacteria can start eating away at the stone.  What about short term marble cleaning.  This is actually simple.  Put mats at entry points.  These will help to trap grit and dirt.  Sweep lightly with a soft bristled broom, use only a pH neutral cleaning agent such as dish washing soap, and damp mop, never wet mop.  Leave the vinegar in the cupboard, and don’t use lemon juice.

Why You Should Hire a Beverly Hills Marble Cleaning Service

Marble cleaning isn’t for the faint of heart.  Even if you have a few dollars in the bank, no one wants the headache of an insurance claim that could have been avoided by simply calling in a professional Beverly Hills marble cleaning service.  You also don’t want to see what was once a beautiful marble floor dissolving right before your eyes.  There aren’t enough potted plants to cover what is a blemish in the middle of a once pristine floor.

So be smart.  Know your limitations.  Seek expert help when it is appropriate.  One of the best things that you can do is call a stone restoration service to help you clean and polish your marble floor.

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