A Different Type of Natural Stone Care: Confessions of a Stone Cleaning Service in Manhattan Beach

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A professional stone cleaning service in Manhattan Beach can help you to keep up your stone as well as clean it thoroughly.

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Stone Cleaning in Manhattan Beach

As we covered in a previous article, if you have chosen to install stone flooring into your home or business; it will provide a practical, functional and attractive flooring solution. However, after years of use, it is likely that your floor will need a bit of tender loving care to restore it to its former beauty.

Natural stone can maintain its inherent beauty and strength for decades if properly looked after and maintained. This article will deal with exactly that subject.

It should be made clear that if stone is not properly maintained it could cost you your investment and become more expensive to “fix” than it did to install.

Natural stone has many different complexities and has large variations in its absorption, density and hardness. These qualities have a huge impact on what processes need to be followed to make sure that your stone will last long and keep its natural beauty as well as maintain its distinctive qualities and its resistance to deterioration. We will divide stone care into three categories: Preservation, Maintenance and Restoration.

Stone Cleaning in Manhattan Beach: Preservation, Maintenance and Restoration

All stone is porous therefore a stone surface can absorb moisture and can be susceptible to mold and mildew. With the right treatment and processes you can minimize the damage or even reverse it. In order to select the right treatment we need to take the following into account. How porous is the stone?  How dense is it?  How hard is it? This in turn leads to more questions such as: what the finish of the stone?   The answer to these questions determines the amount of and the level of your natural stone care.


Stone is often sold as a no maintenance option but this is simply not true. A good stone maintenance program begins with proper stone identification; a survey of the installation as well as the condition of the stone; the environment the stone is being exposed to and the maintenance history of the stone.

Proper identification will provide you with the physical properties of the stone including density; absorption, and weathering characteristics of the stone.

A survey of the installation will provide information such as does it contain lippage, are the grout joints wide, deep or narrow? Or does the installation have any cracks, pitting, or scratching. As well as the type of finish it has, is it polished; honed or textured?

We will cover this more in the next part of this article, but for now, know that a professional stone cleaning service should be consulted before you try to clean your stone yourself.

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